This is the most common question that I have been asked over the 18 years I have been in this business, and my answer is always the same – Something you feel passionate about ! The most successful vendors that we work with are those that love what they do, whether its fashion, jewellery or home decor, they live and breathe it. They understand the need to have a unique product offering, with mass appeal, of introducing regular new collections to keep their customers coming back, the need to evolve their designs, and the power of social media. They work hard on displaying/merchandising their products well, and understand the importance of having a strong concept that people understand and of upselling. What they don’t do is run around buying products in the local Market, as they understand the need to set themselves apart from what’s readily available in the malls, to create that point of difference. So think about your passion, do you dream about designing clothes, or are there products from your home Country that you think would work here and when you are ready let’s talk !