Most malls want to be fully occupied for opening as it gives a better customer experience and overall impression on arrival. However, in the current climate this is not always achievable hence the dawn of the pocket shop also known as a faux shop, which is a fitted out shop which occupies the front 2.5 meters of the unit, cleverly concealing the vacant unit to the rear.

These little gems have allowed small businesses to showcase their products in major malls, whose leasing rates would usually prohibit them. And have breathed a breath of fresh air into many malls, giving the customers exposure to small unique, home grown brands, as opposed to the run of the mill major retailers.

The Mall, that realizes the potential of doing this, and looks at ways of retaining these smaller interesting brands and boutiques long term, will in my view set themselves aside from the pack, and create a must visit destination.

We currently lease and manage eleven pocket shops in The Galleria, Abu Dhabi, and are currently building thirteen in Reem Mall, which are available for lease